About Lust & Co.

At Lust & Co. we love all kinds of gifts. Especially those that are natural & organic.
That’s why we use premium 100% natural soy wax. It is extracted from natural soybean oil. It does not consist of any genetically modified materials, pesticides and herbicides. Our 100% natural soy wax is not tested on animals and is also Kosher certified. Soy wax burns clean, better for the environment and does not consist of paraffin.
Paraffin is a chemical that is flammable, consisting of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbon, obtained by distillation from petroleum or shale. As the Lust & Co. candles do not consist of paraffin, this results in a non-toxic scent throw-off and a product that can be used on your hands as a moisturiser.* Lust & Co. candles have 95% less soot than paraffin candles and sits at a temperature of 54°C (paraffin sits at a temperature of 63°C).
Being 100% natural and biodegradable, soy wax is water soluble, making it very easy to clean with hot soapy water.

Candle Care

- When you light up your candle for the first time, make sure to burn your candle all the way to the sides of the jar till the top layer is all liquid. This will guarantee a consistent burn.

- Always ensure that you trim your wick after each burn to ¼ inch (once your wax has cooled down).

- We recommend a burn time of 5 hours maximum.

- As the wick nears the bottom of the jar, stop lighting your candle and simply wash your candle jar & re-cycle. This is to avoid the jar from getting so hot that it may cause the jar to crack, break or even damage furniture and become a fire hazard.


The beauty of Lust & Co. candles is that you can    re-use the candle jars once you are finished with your candle. Once the wax is removed with warm soapy
water, you can store away your daily goods in them such as your makeup brushes, cotton wool or even a little vase for your flowers to add more beauty
in your home.